Our storage services 

Vitesse Logistics BV is a one stop logistics solution to all your industrial tanking needs whether you need it in context to oil trade or for a chemical company. This not only includes specialized storage facilities, but also other dedicated services like blending.

Our services include national and international transportation: 

  • Rail Freight 
  • Road Freight 
  • Sea Freight
  • Storage 
  • International Freight 
  • Packing and more!
Storage tanks<br>
Storage tanks
We have top of the line tanks for dedicated facility ranging from petrochemical products to more hazardous liquids in various forms of shielding. Not only that, each of our tanks is continuously monitored and feature state of the art facility from every angle. Situated in one of the deepest inland maritime facility, each of our tank terminals is especially equipped for speed and efficiency.
Easy access<br>
Easy access
Situated between the Port of Rotterdam and Houston Channel, we offer dedicated access to seaways, inland as well as railways for global transportation services. Not only that, we have a standing accommodation for waiver of all port charges and have a round-the-clock crew for handling all the work efficiently. Our international ship and port facility ensures that all your work is handled as smoothly as possible.
Storage &amp; Transport<br>
Storage & Transport
Our tank terminal has berths for ships. For inland. The tank terminal is directly connected to the track. At the terminal, there are a lot of places where the road tankers and tank containers are loaded and unloaded separately. Our moorings and direct transport, we are able to offer flexibility and handle our customers.

We we are proud to say that we have one of the best storage facilities for liquids. Tank Storage Vitesse Logistics BV is a partner of the chemical and petrochemical industries.


Our terminal is strategically located in the port of Netherlands, Russia and USA

Meeting your demands and needs of storing all kinds of liquids, we bring tanks of various sizes. Just name it and get it!


Tank storage and capacity

No matter what size of tank you demand for, you won’t be disappointed from Vitesse Logistics BV. We take pride in announcing that our terminals have provided tanks for various purposes to different petrochemical and biodiesels companies. We feel gratified to be the best bet for any chemical company in terms of their storage needs.

We have multiple sizes available in tanks. With us, you are not going to get various sizes in tanks but they are also accessible in different materials for storing petrochemical and all types of lubricants at our tank terminal.

The materials available are: coated and stainless steel tanks, steel tanks, nitrogen tanks, insulated tanks, vapor return tanks and mild tanks. We are not all about providing you storage tanks for petrochemical etc. we believe in diversity and flexibility. We also offer blending in and warehousing services.

We promise to deliver you all our services with excellence so that you can look forward to us and our fine services for your chemical company needs.