About us

Speedy Carrier

Vitesse Logistics BV is an independent operator of bulk liquid and petroleum products storage facilities located at major ports throughout Netherlands, Russia and USA. The first facility, comprising tanks of total capacity 850,900m³, was established at Netherlands in 1996. The business has since grown to provide over 3,500,000m³ of storage and handles over a million tonnes of bulk liquids and petroleum products each year. Vitesse Logistics BV has facilities at Netherlands, Russia and USA.

Vitesse Logistics BV provide a service to a number of customers and industries associated with the chemical, fuels, petroleum, pharmaceutical and fats & oils industries. The range of services provided include the transfer of liquid products to and from bulk ships by pipeline, storage in bulk quantities, loading and discharge of road tanker trucks and on some occasions, blending products to clients' requirements and transferring product to and from ISO tanks.

To meet the challenges associated with future growth in the oil storage tank business, Vitesse Logistics BV has the largest storage tank facilities capacity in the port of Netherlands.  In addition, Vitesse Logistics BV has several oil tanker ship-to-shore super post-panamax cranes capable of handling the largest tanker vessels on the water today.

At Vitesse Logistics BV Port Netherlands, we offer a superior storage facility, focused management team, and professional expert’s labor your freight deserves.

Our strategy is to maintain our position as a leading logistics service provider for customers across the world through the safe and efficient operation of deep-sea and regional chemical tankers, LPG/Ethylene carriers and tank terminals worldwide.

How Do We Do It?  

Since we pride ourselves on being responsive to our customers’ needs, we have a dedicated team who are there to liaise with customers and suppliers and to direct them to the relevant support area relating to the request, be it our Finance, Laboratory or our Logistics teams. 

Our Mission

We work with petrochemical, biodiesels, gases and edible oils etc. These lubricants are injurious for health and that is why we stress on health and safety. Thus, our mission marks to provide safe and clean tank storage to our customers. 

By achieving our mission, we are able to stand out and face our customers, stakeholders, investors and business partners. Our aim is to stay in the strong links of our customers so that they can rely on us at all times. 

Our success is heavily based on innovation of something new that comes with the latest technology and fulfills the latest demands as well. This is why every chemical company can rely on us for their storage tank needs-we bring in various sizes for them!

Our Vision 

Vitesse Logistics BV will sustain its stable position as one of the dynamic and leading crude and petroleum product storage and transshipment terminal within the European countries while remaining to be a leader in terms of environmental care, personnel safety, operational excellence, customer service, and technological development, and being recognized as the best employer with strong values among all enterprises operating in the Rotterdam Port and beyond.