Regular attendance is an expectation of performance for all Vitesse Logistics BV employees to meet expected productivity standards throughout the organization
Reliable partner with Vitesse Logistics BV, maintain our reputation towards clients and employees. We act with integrity and respect
Clients must be assured that all signed agreement with Vitesse Logistics BV will be held in the strictest confidence between both parties.
Vitesse Logistics BV continuously and proactively identifies risks on board and provides for specific training programs on various risk matters.

About Us

Vitesse Logistics BV is an independent operator of bulk liquid and petroleum products storage facilities located at major ports throughout Netherlands, Russia and USA. The first facility, comprising tanks of total capacity 850,900m³, was established at Netherlands in 1996. The business has since grown to provide over 3,500,000m³ of storage and handles over a million tonnes of bulk liquids and petroleum products each year. Vitesse Logistics BV has facilities at Netherlands, Russia and USA.

Vitesse Logistics BV provide a service to a number of customers and industries associated with the chemical, fuels, petroleum, pharmaceutical and fats & oils industries.  

Special offer

We feel gratified to announce that we provide one of the finest storage facilities for liquids. Standing in the field of chemicals and petrochemical; our team ensures that only the best quality tanks are prepared for the storage purposes.

Tank storage
Vitesse Logistics BV is a one stop logistics solution to all your industrial tanking needs whether you need it in context to oil trade or for a chemical company.
Industrial products are not easily mix. However Vitesse Logistics BV is the trusted partner for hundreds of organizations around the world. There's a good reason.
Value added services
Vitesse Logistics BV is all about providing the best tank storage. It is certainly your best bet if you have to store lubricants like petrochemical, biofuels, edible oil and gases etc.